Semicon Europa

Join imec at Semicon Europa 2018, we will be present with a booth on topics such as Semiconductor technology, Flexible electronics, GaN, Advanced packaging and more. Our CEO Luc Van den hove will be the opening speaker for the keynote session.

SEMICON Europa attracts a highly influential audience from every segment and sector of the European microelectronics industries including: semiconductors, LEDs, MEMS, printed/organic/flexible, and other adjacent markets. Exhibitor and attendees meet to enact change and address industry-shaping trends.

This year SEMICON Europa will be co-located with electronica 2018 in Munich, Germany creating the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe, and broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain. The co-location with electronica 2018 embodies the SEMI global strategy to connect the breadth of the entire electronics supply chain.


13-16 November 2018
Messe München, Munich, Germany
imec booth: ​​​​​​​A4 574

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On SEMICON Europe, NanoStreeM will host an Industrial Stakeholder event on "Novel materials and nano-risk in semiconductor industry".

When: November 14, 12-17 h 
Where: Conference Room A51


12:15 - 12:30
Strategies for Safety Assessment in Advanced Integrated Circuits Manufacturing – Current Status and Perspectives
Dimiter Prodanov, Imec

12:30 - 13:00
Current engineered nanomaterial use and hotspots of risk in semiconductor fabs. Findings of NanoStreeM
Dimiter Prodanov, Imec

13:00 - 13:30
Nano REACH and advanced materials
David Carlander, NIA

13:30 - 14:00
Future materials and emerging hazards
Michael Jank, Fraunhofer IISB

14:00 - 14:30
2D materials: The long journey from a lab to the fab environment
Salim El Kazzi, Imec

14:30 - 15:30
Panel discussion:

  • How do future materials fit into the risk assessment framework?
  • What competences do we need to evaluate emerging risks?
  • How can the risk be communicated along the supply chain?

Moderator: Dimiter Prodanov, Imec

Panel discussion (45 min - 1h) with Claire Skentelbery, Shane Harte, Daniel Hristozov and Michael Jank.

  1. How do future materials fit into the risk assessment framework? What competences do we need to evaluate emerging risks?
  2. How can the risk be communicated along the supply chain? 

Moderator: Dimiter Prodanov

The following people will speak at Semicon Europe:

  1. Opening Ceremony: Luc Van den hove (Executive Keynote);
  2. Strategic Materials Conference: Salim El Kazzi
  3. 2018FLEX Europe – Be Flexible: Paul Heremans (Keynote);
  4. Advanced Packaging Conference: Gerald Beyer
  5. TechARENA session “Materials Technology”: Zsolt Tokei;
  6. TechARENA session “Power Electronics”: Denis Marcon;
  7. TechARENA session “The Future of Smart Computing”: Massimo Mongillo.
  8. Batteries meet SEMICONductors session "CMOS technologies for all solid state micro- and macro-batteries": Bart Onsia

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