SMART MedTech at SEMICON Europa

November 13-14, 2019 / München, DE

Bridging the Gap Between Semiconductors and Medical Technologies

A platform for entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and key stakeholders in the semiconductor industry and healthcare sector to learn how semiconductors are enabling technology innovation and solutions to global healthcare challenges.

Connect with the companies driving technological progress, interact with leading MedTech products, and discover the startups shaking up the healthcare scene.

Join us to hear from leading digital health experts and gain insights on:

  • Global Healthcare Challenges & Industry Progress
  • Bringing the Power of Chip Technology to Healthcare
  • Bridging the Gap Between Semiconductors & Medical Technologies
  • Innovative Solutions with the Digitization of Preventive Healthcare
  • How Precision Medicine is Revolutionizing Healthcare
  • The Future of Personalized Treatment
  • The Digital Patient: The Future of Artificial Organs & Human Avatars
  • Key Drivers Transforming Healthcare: AI, Big Data and Cyber Security
  • Smart Money in Health

The SMART MedTech Forum takes place at the Inspiration Hub (Hall B2), an experiential pavilion designed for connection and exploration. Stop by Europe's first and only platform that brings together key companies along the semiconductor and MedTech value chains, to foster collaboration and bridge the gap between Semiconductors and Medical Technologies.


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