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Conference | Thu 14.19h & Fri 13.52h

Luc Van den hove, President & CEO imec (Thu 27 at 14.19h): ‘New perspectives creating radical innovation’

The era of digital transformation brings endless opportunities for businesses and society. Opportunities powered by the advances in nanoelectronics and digital technology. Opportunities that require cross-linking of expertises. Only by approaching the challenges our society is facing from new perspectives, with an open mind that gets inspired from unexpected fields radical innovation can happen. Innovation that will transform our health, mobility, environment, … Innovation that will transform our data-driven society into a sustainable data-driven society for everyone.

John Baekelmans & Jan Adriaenssens (Fri 13.52h):‘Meet Antwerp’s Digital Twin, virtual playground for smart cities’


Imec booth

Imec booth | Tech fair | Conference pass needed on Thu & Fri (9h-19h) | Free access on Sat & Sun (10h-18h)

Imec.xpand - Turning nanotechnology into business

Imec’s independently managed value-add venture capital fund that focuses on hardware-based nanotechnology innovations in the domains of smart health, smart mobility, smart cities, smart industries or smart energy. The fund invests in early-stage ideas and projects, grown both inside and outside of imec, where imec technology, expertise, network and infrastructure will play a differentiating role.

At SuperNova, imec.xpand is on the lookout for investors and investment opportunities. 

Also, the following companies who already receive imec.xpand support will be present at our booth: 

  • September 27: EYEco eyeCO: an imec & UGent spin-off that develops glasses that make people with presbyopia see as if they were twenty years younger and transform glasses in a more fun experience.
  • September 27, PM: Onera: an imec spin-off for innovative medical devices that will help improve the health and quality of life of patients around the world. Onera is currently developing its first product for the sleep market.
  • September 28, PM: Mousensor: an early stage biotech start-up, collaborating with imec, which engineers a human-nose-on-a-chip. It has the bold vision to detect, discover and digitize every single smell on this planet. Mousensor will also present at the SuperNova conference. Make sure to attend Charlotte D’Hulst’s talk on Friday afternoon.

Talk to imec.xpand at SuperNova

Imec.istart- Accelerating tech startups

Imec’s business accelerator already supported 150+ startups to launch their business idea successfully. Imec.istart offers an initial financial injection (50,000 EUR pre-seed funding), professional coaching and mentoring, access to technology and working facilities, and access to a broad network of partners and investors. In 2018, imec.istart was granted first place in the European ‘Top University Business Accelerators' ranking by UBI Global and was ranked fourth best in the world. At SuperNova, imec.istart warmly welcomes start-ups, investors and partners to become part of the program.

Imec.istart alumni OntoForce, PieSync and Twikit will present at the SuperNova venturing track and imec.istart-alumni WayLay and PieSync will also be present with a booth.

Also, the following companies who already receive imec.istart support will be present at the imec booth:

September 27th

  • SiteManager (A complete cloud-based platform for custom web design)
  • AirShaper (Online platform for fast optimization of the aerodynamics of a 3D model)

September 28th

  • On-Hertz (Web-app for hosting mobile live radio)
  • Buffl (Mobile survey as design tool)

September 29th:

  • Deliverect (Online delivery order aggregator for restaurants)
  • Shayp (IoT enabled maintenance to eliminate water leaks in buildings)

September 30th

  • Treespoke (High quality, tailormade furniture)
  • Kadonation (Platform supporting money collection for group gifts)

Talk to imec.istart at SuperNova

Imec innovation services and solutions - Supporting your innovation life cycle

Thanks to its wide portfolio of cutting-edge technology, imec can give you access to technological solutions for your products and services. And this throughout the entire innovation process: from idea to design, from prototyping to testing, from production to growth, from use to re-use… Also, we offer a vast and diverse portfolio on living-lab infrastructure and methodologies, allowing you to innovate and co-create with your (future) customers. No matter if you are tech-lover or technophobe: at SuperNova, you can get first-hand information on how we can support you in your business.

Talk to us at SuperNova

Investor pitching

Thu, Fri | Investor pass needed | You receive detailed program info from SuperNova upon registration

SuperNova has the ambition of becoming the most relevant scale-up pitching event in Europe with its two-day deep pocket investor program featuring 50 most promising European tech scale-ups. 

Following imec-related scale-ups are part of the selected pitches:

  • miDiagnostics: Is building a complete blood count test device, delivering results in less than ten minutes. miDiagnostics is a spin-off from imec and Johns Hopkins University.
  • OntoForce: Is offering DISQOVER: a semantic linked data and visualization platform that powers citizen data science. OntoForce is an imec.istart alumnus.
  • PieSync: Is offering solutions to automatically share customer contacts between your marketing automation, CRM, email marketing, invoicing, and ecommerce apps. PieSync is an imec.istart alumnus.
  • Twikit: Is a mass customization and on demand manufacturing software pioneer, setting a new standard for how brands and industries design and create products: customizable, on demand and digital. Twikit is an imec.istart alumnus.

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Full overview

Full overview of imec’s participation at SuperNova


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