Academic Excellence

At imec, students have the excitement of working in an international environment with world-class expertise and using state of the art facilities. Besides R&D with world-leading companies, imec strongly invests in fundamental research. This long-term research is key for imec’s research funnel. It is the base of our future R&D leading to industrial innovations. 

Academic excellence at imec

Imec bridges the gap between universities and industry. Universities are usually doing long term research with limited budgets, whereas industry is focusing on shorter term applications with high investments. At imec, you can bring novel ideas from academic research towards higher technology readiness levels making them suitable for industry. Therefore, doing research at imec gives you a high exposure to our industrial partners. At the same time imec translates future technology needs from industry into research at universities in order to keep them focused on industry relevant topics. 

Academic excellence

Imec bridges the gap between universities and industry

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