Dry EEG electrodes

Dry electrodes are opening up new directions in EEG and other biotechnology applications. To ensure they provide maximum comfort and signal quality, imec works together with Datwyler.

Electroencephalography has been around for more than a century. But its possibilities – clinical and commercial – are far from exhausted. That has a lot to do with the emergence of dry electrodes as EEG probes. In comparison with gel-based electrodes, they’re:

  • easier to administer – There’s no need for skin preparation, a troublesome mounting process or cleaning. Hence, expert assistance is not required.
  • more convenient to use – The ergonomic design of dry electrodes enables patients and users to easily apply and use the headset at their own convenience.

These advantages lead to the possibility of long-term and ambulatory EEG monitoring, which can greatly improve our knowledge of the functioning of the brain.

For its neurotechnology applications, imec chooses high-quality dry electrodes which we develop with our partner Datwyler.

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Guaranteed comfort and contact quality

To ensure that our EEG probes combine a maximum of user comfort, user-friendliness and signal quality, we work with flexible silver/silver-chloride-coated conductive polymer EEG probes – both as flat electrodes and electrodes with pins. They can be cleaned using alcohol and replaced effortlessly.

We combine these dry EEG electrodes with active sensor nodes and miniaturized electronics to continually monitor the contact quality and get a suitable impedance range. Our new digital active electrodes (DAE) digitize signals at the point of measurement, reducing noise levels even further.

Applications of dry EEG electrodes

Dry EEG probes are ideally suited for brain monitoring devices such as our EEG headset prototype. Moreover, dry electrode technology can be used for ECG, EMG and EOG. Of this last application, the prototype of our eye-tracking glasses is an excellent example.

Want to develop your own next-generation neurotechnology application that makes use of the most advanced dry electrodes on the market?

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