17-19 Augustus 2018

Lowlands Science

2 experimenten: "Kunnen mensen lichamelijk met elkaar synchroniseren?" en "Beter en nauwkeuriger alcohol meten met niet-invasieve methodes"

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20-24 Augustus 2018

The 16th biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC)

"Participatory Design, Democracy and Politics"

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2-5 September 2018


This symposium is bi-annual event devoted to Cleaning and surface preparation for micro and nano-technology for electronic applications and related fields such as Photo-voltaics and bio-electronics.

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20 September 2018

ITF2018 Taiwan


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23-26 September 2018

IEEE Whispers

9th workshop on hyperspectral image and signal processing

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24-28 September 2018


The experts of the PV solar branch meet at EU PVSEC to discuss new concepts, trends and developments in science and industry. 

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27-30 September 2018


SuperNova is a one-of-a-kind event where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together. Where game-changers and businesses of tomorrow meet entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives connect to get inspired and empowered.

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9-12 Oktober 2018

Bio Life Science Week Japan

At the occasion of BioJapan 2018, the leading partnering event for the biotech and life sciences industry in Asia, flanders.bio and FIT Tokyo are joining forces for the organisation of a Flemish Biotech and Life Sciences Week in Japan from October 9th-12th, 2018.

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10-12 Oktober 2018

BioNetwork Partnering Summit

For the past 15 years, BioNetwork has brought together the most senior-level decision makers in pharma and biotech deal-making (CEOs of BioTechs, VPs of BD from Big Pharma). Meet the right people and create the ideal partnerships.

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10-11 Oktober 2018

Photonex Europe

Imec will be present at Photonex Europe.

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