Founders Circle: imec opportunities for tech start-ups

Past edition of Founders Circle – taking place on June 1st at the StartupVillage in Antwerp – drew an interested crowd of around 30 imec.istart entrepreneurs. The networking evening focused on imec’s range of services start-ups can benefit from. A recap with pictures…

Founders Circle: how can imec help you?

With the merger between iMinds and imec, new opportunities have arisen to support our start-ups succeed in their endeavors. In the latest Founders Circle event, imec’s tech entrepreneurs were introduced to the several services offers available to help them start and grow their businesses.

Over the years, we have built a strong entrepreneurial community, as a result of successful initiatives such as the imec.istart program or our internationalization initiatives. All these companies in our portfolio have led different paths and have dealt with distinct challenges before becoming the successful businesses that they are now. Imec’s Founders Circle event brings together the innovative and creative minds behind the creation of these start-ups.

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The latest edition of Founders Circle took place on June 1st at the StartupVillage in Antwerp. The evening event focused on the range of services imec’s start-ups can benefit from, following the merger between iMinds and imec:


In an increasingly faster-paced world, companies are pressured to get their innovations to the market as swiftly as possible – and get it right the first time. How can they do so? By involving users throughout the innovation process. That is what imec.livinglabs is all about, imec’s expert team on user-centric innovation. Using the example of Spott Dimitri Schuurman explained how Living Labs work and what is the added value for start-ups of involving users in the early stage of development of their products.

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Application prototyping team

Imec considers prototyping as something you do as early as possible in the development process. During our Founders Circle event, Tanguy Coenen introduced the Application Prototyping team, a group of experts ready to help you shape your product into something your future customers can start using today, whether your innovation is still in a conceptual phase or the first building blocks are already available.

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Committed to boosting innovation in Flanders, imec is actively looking for ways to use its unique expertise to meet the industry’s needs. Kris Hermus introduced imec.interact, an initiative mostly focusing on start-ups and SMEs working on smart electronic systems (for the internet of things), that are low-power and compact.

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