PESM 2017

This workshop is the 10th in a series devoted to plasma etch and strip processes for micro- and nano-technologies. PESM is an annual event co-organized by imec v.z.w. (Belgium), the LTM-CNRS (France) and the Leti-CEA (France).

The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for open discussions across fundamental and applied sciences and industrial applications. It is dedicated to plasma and materials scientists, process engineers, post-doc and PhD students

The 2017 edition will address challenging topics in the field of new patterning approaches for logic devices (FEOL), emerging patterning technologies and materials, patterning for BEOL and 3D packaging, patterning for memory application and non-volatile materials, plasma modeling and process diagnostics.

Invited talks will be given by scientific and technical leaders in each of the key areas, who will present the current state-of-the-art and stimulate technical discussions.


Discover the program here.

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