Dispersion-free GaN buffers


200mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si epitaxy is challenging and requires carefully-designed buffers for stress engineering to enable high breakdown voltage and avoid formation of cracks and slip line. Next to this, the buffer needs to be dispersion free. 

With more than 3,000 200mm GaN-on-Si wafers processed per year, we explore and optimize buffer architectures for 200mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si epitaxy. Our state-of-the-art dispersion free buffers feature excellent surface morphology, good reproducibility, is dispersion free and has low vertical leakage current both at RT and at 150C. 

Our solution

You can license our 200mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si epi-buffer recipes. They are available through imec from 2 vendors (Veeco K465i & Veeco Propel, Aixtron G5+ C).

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