Life sciences

As a pioneer in nanoelectronics, imec brings the power of chip technology to the world of healthcare.

Why imec?

Imec leverages its expertise in chip design and technology to develop innovative tools for the life sciences, pharma R&D, clinical diagnostics, therapeutic and surgery, biopharma production and analytical biochemistry industries.

We combine extensive chip manufacturing facilities and bio-lab infrastructure with world-renowned expertise in chip technology, MEMS, bio-electronics, sensors, photonics, imagers, microfluidics, and biosciences. We work with strong, multidisciplinary teams of world-class scientists. This makes us the ideal development and manufacturing partner for your custom smart biochip solutions, from early R&D, design and prototyping to volume manufacturing. We help you bring your innovative product ideas to life.

The value of chip technology

Research and new discoveries in life sciences and biotech have been advancing rapidly, offering solutions with the potential to shape the future of healthcare. Numerous new start-ups and existing companies are exploring new methodologies and are poised to play a crucial role in the future.

These new methods have increasing demands on instrumentation. They require extremely high sensitivity (down to the level of single-molecule interaction to analyze DNA and gene expression), single-cell manipulation, massive parallelization, need for miniaturization, more complex implantable devices, and more.

Silicon chip technology will bring value to your products through:

  • Miniaturization and reduced complexity of optics, fluidics and electronics,
  • Competitive prices in high-volume manufacturing, enabling disposable solutions,
  • Integration of complete workflows resulting in simplified assay testing, reduced human error, and improved compliance in the field,
  • Unparalleled precision and reproducibility,
  • Excellent optical, thermal and chemical material properties,
  • Standard, widely-available CMOS-based chip manufacturing toolset, enabling a mature supply chain,
  • Massive parallelization, allowing extreme speed and accuracy,
  • Microfluidics integration resulting in small sample volumes, reduced reagent cost, and higher analysis speed, and
  • Nanotechnology capabilities enabling molecular interaction

Work with us

Today, imec is the world’s number one player in world-class product-minded R&D, prototyping and production of silicon and nanotechnology for life sciences and healthcare. We work with world-class companies, from ambitious start-ups to established industry leaders, who strive to bring new technologies to healthcare and life sciences.

  • Contract R&D from early concept all the way to a qualified product.
  • Prototyping and manufacturing

Strategic Research Initiatives:

  • Exascience life lab is the joint initiative of Intel, imec, KU Leuven, Ghent University, VUB, VIB and Janssen Pharmaceutica with the objective of exploring the application of High Performance Computing (HPC) to challenges in life sciences.
  • Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders (NERF) is a collaborative academic research initiative launched by imec, VIB and KU Leuven that combines molecular, cellular and viral biology, genetics, microscopy, electrophysiology and behavioral studies, with the ultimate goal of gaining a thorough understanding of brain functionality.

Spin offs:


ANSYS Academic Program Partner

Imec is an ANSYS academic program partner.

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