High-throughput cytometry and cell sorting

Sort up to 30 million cells per minute on one cm2

Our expertise

Imec has developed a compact, disposable cell sorter with integrated on-chip cell characterization. It enables sorting of blood cells in minutes, isolating specific cells for downstream analysis and reporting the result to point-of-care (e.g. for cell manufacturing) and early cancer diagnostics applications. The building blocks of imec’s silicon flow cytometry platform have been internally validated for integration in next generation diagnostics solutions and are available for licensing.

Key benefits

  • Contains no mechanically moving parts, based on bubble-jet technology
  • Fluorescent markers and morphology can be combined to produce more precise results,
  • Cells are alive for downstream assays,
  • Sorting speeds of up to 20 million cells per minute and
  • Compact & disposable, making it suitable for point-of-care applications. 



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Extremely fast on-chip cell sorter

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