Towards high throughput engineering of unculturable bacteria

The challenge

Microbes play an essential role in human health as well as in industries such as fermentation, pharmacology and food. Unfortunately, most bacteria cannot be grown successfully in the lab.

Leverage our expertise

Our droplet microfluidics platform provides a revolutionary framework for growing unculturable bacteria. Single bacteria can be captured and grown in picoliter droplets that act as dedicated microreactors. This enables massively parallelized microbe culturing capabilities with tens of thousands of individual growth colonies per square centimeter and quickly identifying the optimal media and conditions for growing uncultivable bacteria.

This “culturomics approach” is a valuable tool for high throughput genetic engineering of industrially useful micro-organisms, disease diagnosis, assessing the effectiveness of experimental antibiotics and probiotics.You can combine our culturomics platform with our wide array of on-chip technologies to create complete systems for endpoint analysis and downstream processing. These applications include:

  • Growth curve assays,
  • Bioanalyte assays,
  • Lens-free optics for continuous cellular imaging and
  • Genetic analysis such as digital PCR and FISH

Such complete solutions can provide considerable increase in throughput, while reducing the time it takes to select useful organisms from days to hours.

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