Imec has unique capabilities that make us a very attractive partner in ensuring that your integrated chip product development is a success. We work with strong, multi-disciplinary teams of world-class scientists. We offer a flexible stage-gated project structure with financial de-risking: proof-of-concept, feasibility, prototyping, volume manufacturing and testing.  

Design, modeling and testing 

We offer following capabilities:

  • Full CMOS design: digital/mixed signal, options to work with several commercial CMOS technology nodes
  • Low-power circuit design and instrumentation
  • Imager design, photonics and optical design, MEMS sensors and transducers, novel transducer technologies
  • Microfluidics, acoustics, biocompatible electrodes
  • Strong multiphysics modeling and full system modeling

Full CMOS-compatible flow 

  • 200mm (180nm process) and 300mm (20nm process) ISO-certified cleanrooms operating 24/7
  • Wafer exchange between 200mm and 300mm fabs
  • Wafer thinning down to 20 μm, grinding and CMP 
  • Wafer-to-wafer bonding, silicon or glass
  • Chip-to-wafer bonding
  • Wafer-level bonding of MEMS on CMOS substrates
  • Custom post-processing on wafers from other foundries


  • Broad variety of polymers for wafer-scale integration
  • Low impedance, corrosion-resistant electrode materials O ALD with sub-nm thickness control, high-K dielectrics
  • Electroplating of Cu, Sn, Ni
  • Wafer-level surface functionalization and microspotting for bioassays
  • Innovative materials, deposition development 

Special features

  • Through-silicon wafer etch capability
  • Bumping and through-silicon via integration
  • Extensive in-line metrology and defect characterization, features down to 50nm
  • State-of-the art optical waveguide performance for visible, IR and NIR light
  • Integrated optical filter stacks 

Volume manufacturing

Prototype chips can be ordered on a single-lot basis for early testing. To increase the volume and product reliability, we offer PMQ (Product Manufacturing Qualification) to mature the manufacture of the prototype.

After PMQ, we can manufacture products at volumes of 500 – 1000 wafers per year. Thanks to our strong partnerships with the silicon manufacturing industry and our experience in transferring the process to one of our high-volume production foundries, we can offer high volume production at very competitive prices.

Testing and biolab

Wafer and chip testing:

  • Sample analysis such as SEM, TEM, FIB, AFM, XPTS, ellipsometry, etc.
  • Extensive chip testing and wafer qualification equipment for testing on wafer scale and wafer qualification during the production phase
  • Extensive electrical test capability on wafers probe station
  • Different testing capabilities for prototype testing
  • Full test-bench systems including electronics, microfluidics, optics, test software and algorithm development
  • In-house PCB design and electronics development and testing
  • Infrastructure that is biosafety level 2 qualified, allowing cell cultures, animal facilities, blood testing, DNA and protein analysis, surface functionalization, bioassay development, and more


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