elPrep 4.0: smarter, faster DNA sequence analysis software

Streamline your genomic research with an integrated tool that excels in speed and accuracy.

If genome sequencing is an important part of your medical practice or research, time is all too often not on your side. After identification of the individual bases through sequencing hardware, hundreds of gigabytes of data need to be processed to reconstruct the DNA sequence and flag variants that might indicate genetic disorders.

It’s a procedure that typically involves a series of DNA sequence analysis software tools and takes a lot of time – hampering your research and delaying your results. Unless you speed up the process with elPrep 4.0.

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Faster DNA sequence analysis

elPrep is a DNA sequence analysis software solution that’s up to ten times faster than other programs that use the same computing hardware. The reason for this remarkable acceleration? A smart software architecture that:

  • combines the processing of multiple genome sequencing preparation steps and parallelizes their execution
  • optimizes for running in memory
  • minimizes the number of I/O accesses

Comprehensive DNA sequence analysis software

elPrep was developed by ExaScience Life Lab, a division of imec that focuses on software solutions for data-intensive and high-performance computing problems, primarily in life sciences. Thanks to this expertise, elPrep is a tool that produces identical results to established genome analysis programs such as SAMtools, Picard and GATK4.

Moreover, elPrep seamlessly replaces all of these other tools, right up to variant calling. Giving you a single, ultra-fast solution for a large part of the DNA sequence analysis process.

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