Thin-film solar cells and modules


Imec was one of the pioneers in the development of thin film organic solar cells. With the recent emerging of perovskite solar cells, imec together with its partners in the R&D cluster Solliance reused this knowledge to become worldwide recognized leaders in perovskite solar cell and module development. 

Small size perovskite cells with stabilized efficiencies up to 19% have been achieved. But the focus of imec and solliance is the development of realistic large size modules on rigid (glass) substrates and flexible (foil) substrates. On 15 cm by 15 cm glass substrates, perovskite module efficiencies of up to 11% have been demonstrated using large area and upscalable processing techniques.

Next to increasing efficiencies, also understanding the stability issues and from there on developing new materials and processing techniques to increase stability and life time are essential activities at imec and Solliance.

Collaboration opportunities

By participating in the Solliance perovskite solar cell share research program, companies get access to the broad scope of perovskite cell and module innovations. Also dedicated projects on specific topics of interest of companies are possible. 

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