140GHz radar modules

140GHz radar modules that are even more compact and highly sensitive that are suitable for smart homes, health monitoring and human-machine interaction applications.

Gesture recognition: a smarter way to handle technology

From our smartphones to our car dashboards, touch control has become a standard way to interact with technology. But what if we could eliminate the need of actual contact with the device? No more smudgy fingerprints on touchscreens, an easier way to control small devices such as smartwatches, a safer way to switch the channel of your car stereo, ...

That’s the promise of gesture recognition technology. It’s complementary to other device control mechanisms such as voice control. And it can be completely hidden, e.g. behind a thin layer of plastic or inside a device.

Watch this movie to see how it works:

Imec is working on gesture recognition technology by combining:

  • 140 GHz on-chip radar that picks up on the smallest movements and can be invisibly integrated into our environment.
  • Signal processing and machine learning techniques that detect and classify motions.

Want to join our 140 GHz radar or gesture recognition program?

We offer a wide array of collaboration models. For example:

  • Gain insights into the latest developments as soon as they are available.
  • Make use of our hardware module and software for testing and application development.
  • Integrate our technology in your program by using licensing options of chip and module designs, and software IP.

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