Advanced patterning and key process steps


Throughout the years, advanced tools and processes have been indispensable in the advancement of consecutive technology nodes and developing the next technology node comes with ever more complexity. 

Imec’s best-in-class infrastructure and materials facilitate our early development of front and back end-of-line processes as well as lithography patterning technologies for the 7nm node and beyond.

EUV Lithography 

Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is one of the main drivers to extend Moore’s law towards single digit nanometer technology nodes.

Join our industrial affiliation program (IIAP) on advanced lithography and work with industry leaders to tackle the lithography challenges:

  • Explore materials and processes for next generation pattering.
  • Assess manufacturability of EUV lithography and readiness for high volume manufacturing.
  • Evaluate/compare lithographic imaging and patterning solutions for advanced logic and memory applications.


You can also work with us on a dedicated solution on a bilateral basis.

Advanced Patterning Center

ASML and imec have been partners for more than 30 years, bringing value to the global chip industry with breakthrough technology.

In 2013, imec and ASML launched the Advanced Patterning Center, combining imec’s and ASML’s complementary expertise, engineering teams and patterning infrastructure to tackle upcoming scaling challenges towards single digit nanometer dimensions. 

The Advanced Pattering Center is located at the imec campus in Leuven and counts about 100 engineers.


EUV RMQC is a joint venture of JSR and imec, leveraging the strengths of both companies for the development of photoresist solutions for the semiconductor industry to manufacture the most advanced devices. JSR provides manufacturing technology to the joint venture, while imec provides infrastructure and services for quality control on materials. 

In addition to the manufacturing of JSR brand photoresists, the joint venture offers toll-manufacturing capability to other material suppliers with confidentiality secured.

The EUV RMQC is located at the JSR campus in Leuven.

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