Imec’s platform for CMOS processing is a unique basis for quantum computer. It is one of the world’s most advanced platforms to scale CMOS technology even beyond 5nm technology. At that scale, quantum effects start to play an ever more significant role. 

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Silicon technology is an attractive base for quantum computer technology. Qubits embedded in silicon have all the right characteristics. Moreover, they make quantum computing compatible with existing microelectronics. This allows seeing a quantum processor as a building block of future supercomputing systems, embedding the growing power of quantum processing into existing computing paradigms.

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A million laptops wired together is roughly equivalent to the computing power of an exascale supercomputer. Exascale supercomputing power will enable much better predictions through machine learning. This is useful in many domains, such as the search for new medicines. Diseases can be cured by finding molecules that bind to disease proteins. Experimenting with molecules to see if they heal diseases takes time and is expensive, so we cannot run all the tests we want to. If we can predict the binding of all drug molecules to a disease protein based on what we know from a few experiments then we can compensate for missing tests. This vastly improves our chances of finding a molecule that works.

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