Solid state Li-ion batteries are very much desired as they overcome several limitations of today’s wet batteries with liquid electrolytes. They are more safe as the flammable liquid is replaced by non-volatile and rigid solid components. They potentially can last much longer as parasitic side-reactions which limit the life-time of wet batteries are no longer a concern.  Most notably, the solid-state approach provides the means to increase the energy and power density of the cells so that we can use our devices longer and charge them faster. Lastly, the all solid-state is applicable in multiple form factors from the ultra-small to the very large.

Imec’s innovations in materials and battery design pave the way to solid state batteries with tunable performance specific towards large as well as small storage systems, Our novel battery technology is suitable for future electric cars and the smart grid as well as for implants and sensors in the internet of things.

Imec aims at developing solid state batteries with the following characteristics:

  • high energy and power density
  • long lifetime
  • fast charging
  • flexible form factor

Imec develops three battery designs for specific needs:

  • Powder batteries with embedded nanocomposite electrolyte for large storage applications
  • Ultra-fast charging 3D thin-film batteries for small electronics where battery size is limited
  • Nano batteries on foil for flexible electronics

Ultrafast charging 3D thin-film battery for micro-storage

Find out more about imec’s development of 3D thin-film, ultra-fast charging batteries for microsystems. 

Large storage solid-state Li-ion batteries

Explore imec’s innovations in solid state electrolytes for large capacity batteries.

Nano batteries on foil for flexible electronics

Discover imec's development of Nano battery on nanowire scaffolds.

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