Imec develops disruptive technologies for image sensors based on thin-film photodetectors. Ultra-thin, submicron active layers with absorption coefficients much higher than those of silicon and other materials, thus enabling new form factors and applications. 

Our solution

Imec is active in the full value chain, from screening new promising materials through pixel development all the way to image sensor prototyping and technology transfer to industrial fabs. 

We integrate thin-film photodetectors with thin-film transistor (TFT) backplanes to develop large-area, flexible sensors that can be used for medical or industrial x-ray imaging or for conformable, curved focal planes. 

We also integrate thin-film photodetectors with CMOS readout chips to develop monolithic infrared image sensors with high resolution. 

Available and developing IP blocks

  • Thin-film photodetector stack based on polymers, small molecules, metal oxides, perovskites and quantum dots
  • Design and fabrication technology for TFT-based readout backplanes (passive and active pixel)
  • Integration technology for TFPD on TFT and on CMO


  • medical x-ray
  • non-destructive testing / sorting
  • gesture recognition
  • biometric / fingerprint
  • security and surveillance
  • free-form imaging surface


Hoe kunnen we u helpen?

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What can we do for you?

  • Access our technology by licensing our IP blocks 
  • Access our integration technology for thin-film photodetectors on thin-film transistors and on CMOS
  • Collaborate with imec to screen, evaluate and benchmark your new thin-film photodetector materials
  • Collaborate with imec to develop your pixel stack for the integration on thin–film transistors or CMOS readouts
  • Collaborate with imec to design and manufacture your custom-made image sensors
  • We can transfer our large-area, flexible image sensor technology to an industrial fab
  • We provide prototyping and low-volume manufacturing (Gen1, 32x35 cm2)
  • Become a partner and access our industrial network for volume manufacturing

Why work with us?

  • Advanced TFT technologies available for transfer
  • State-of-the-art TFPD pixel stacks
  • World-leading track record in large-area, medical x-ray sensors
  • R&D labs and pilot line for testing your new organic and inorganic materials, equipment and processes

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