Hardware & software for wearable health applications


Imec combines electronics and data science expertise to develop and validate wearable solutions for our customers’ health applications.

We develop solutions for a variety of wearable health applications, focusing on:

  • Medical devices and chronic disease management
  • Lifestyle and preventive care

Accelerating innovation, reducing risk

Our pioneering hardware and software solutions enable comfortable, reliable, clinical-grade healthcare and lifestyle applications through continuous monitoring and coaching on-the-go, at home, and during daily life. Founded on advanced technologies, our solutions provide you sustained differentiation to bring a unique product to the market.

We accelerate your next-generation product development and shorten time to market.

Building on our expertise and experience with several development cycles for circuits, systems, and algorithms, we reduce R&D risk. 

Our multi-disciplinary, in-house expertise helps us quickly develop customized solutions from spec to qualified systems, for a variety of wearable health & lifestyle applications.



Our R&D portfolio

We are experts in a wide range of applications, including:

Biomedical sensor systems-on-chip

For accurate, reliable and multimodal health and vital sign monitoring.


Build your custom solutions from the groundbreaking and clinical-grade imec prototypes.

Algorithm development for valuable health data insight

Find out more about imec’s algorithm development and data investigation for consumer health applications.

Flexible electronics for textiles and wearables

Discover smart textiles, flexible electronics and stretchable interconnects for wearable medical devices by imec.

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What can we do for you?

  • We can assist you with the transfer to volume manufacturing.
  • We have in-house knowledge to help you realize your complete and customized wearable solution from spec to qualified system. 
  • Our industrial affiliation program (IIAP) connects you with imec’s global partner ecosystem, enabling you to share costs and lower risk through collaborative and precompetitive research.

Why work with us?

  • Our technology is clinically validated, demonstrating clinical-grade signal quality.
  • Our teams’ impressive expertise spans across ultra-low power medical sensor electronics, advanced signal processing and data science techniques.

  • You will profit from our extensive partner network across the value chain 

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