LiDAR platform

Imec is developing an affordable LiDAR-in-a-package platform that will open the technology to a new range of applications. Thanks to semiconductor technology, this small, highly accurate system serves as a sensor that measures distance-to-target by illuminating the target with pulsed laser light and receives the reflected pulses with a detector. The specification targets of our new LiDAR are:

  • One package with integrated photonic devices and CMOS circuitry
  • Beam scanning without mechanical moving parts (resulting in greater reliability and portability)
  • Operation at 905nm and 1550nm wavelengths
  • Maximum range of up to 200m
  • High range resolution of 3cm
  • Capable of performing 1 million measurements per second
  • The new LiDAR will be great for: autonomous driving, intelligent machine vision and robotics and many others

Autonomous driving

  • Targeting applications with constrained power and weight budget
  • Using data fusion including lidar radar and visible imaging to create awareness of surroundings
  • Photonic phased array technology and low power consumption

More information? 

Visit the LiDAR page

Jobs at imec USA

If you are a senior leader or experienced researcher in one of the following areas, we want to talk to you:

  • IC Design (Photonic, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal)
  • Systems Architect
  • Chip Architect
  • Program Director
  • Semiconductor Laser Design
  • Computational Imaging

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