About THz

THz waves can penetrate most non-metallic dry materials in a similar fashion to X-rays. But in contrast to the latter, they are non-ionizing and therefore much safer. At imec, we work on a coherent hyperspectral THz imager. The solution uses on-chip photonic integration for a reduced cost and higher performance.

Key targets

  • Coherent detection with high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Both amplitude and phase information
  • Spectrally selective imaging
  • Steerable THz source through beam-forming
  • High frame-rate imaging
  • Portable and low-cost

THz imaging is used in the pharmaceutical industry for quality control and chemical identification for e.g. patent protection. Other applications include biomedical imaging, cancer detection, people screening, security, mail inspection, firefighting and non-destructive testing.

More information?

Visit the terahertz page

Jobs at imec USA

If you are a senior leader or experienced researcher in one of the following areas, we want to talk to you:

  • IC Design (Photonic, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal)
  • Systems Architect
  • Chip Architect
  • Program Director
  • Semiconductor Laser Design
  • Computational Imaging

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