Tutorial: GaN-ICs in GaN-on-SOI technology

Learn how to unlock the full potential of GaN-IC, in GaN-on-SOI, for fast switching technologies.

By using GaN-on-SOI wafers and trench isolation, imec's researchers have found a way to monolithically combine logic and power components.

This enables the design and fabrication of highly integrated GaN power systems on a chip.

Take your first step towards designing Gan-ICs in Gan-on-SOI technology

In a 20-minute presentation, Stefaan Decoutere, Program Director of GaN technology at imec, discloses how:

  • imec's approach to lateral isolation of devices allows the monolithic integration of GaN-based power systems.
  • you can tackle technological and design problems that you may encounter at first sight

After watching this tutorial, you’ll be ready to start your own designs of GaN-ICs in GaN-on-SOI technology.

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