Testing grounds for Industry 4.0

We’re on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. And imec helps Flemish businesses to make that transition. At the Industry 4.0 testing grounds (proeftuinen) they can discover the technologies that enable them to transform the way they design, manufacture and market their products.

Each testing ground offers opportunities for a risk-free exploration of technology innovations, helping you to decide which technologies you want to apply in your own business practice. This offering includes:

  • demonstrations
  • masterclasses with in-depth technology discussions
  • feasibility studies
  • testing facilities
  • consultancy
  • ...

At the moment, imec shares its technology insights in these testing grounds:

  • smart connectivity – Imagine a drone that flies autonomously through your warehouse to collect your inventory, and you have good idea of how efficient data connections through ultra-wideband and localization solutions can transform your factory floor. Read the flyer
  • smart maintenance – Shifting from periodic to conditional maintenance is a great way to cut costs. By equipping your machines with smart and affordable sensors, and leveraging the collected data to build smart dashboards, you make it happen. Read the flyer
  • collwork 4.0 – Cobots are ideal assistants in complex manufacturing processes. This testing ground introduces you to such subtle collaborations between humans and machines. To optimize the distribution of the workload, imec measures the cognitive load and stress levels. Read the flyer
  • training 4.0 – Industry 4.0 enhances the need for well-trained employees. This testing ground focuses on digital learning methods in the chemical industry using the latest virtual reality technologies.
  • smart farming – Inspection of fields and fruit trees, precision-spraying of crops, detection of diseases ... There are a lot of applications for new hyperspectral imaging technologies in agriculture.
  • agrifood 4.0 – Smart sensors and data will also change the way we produce and control our food, leading to higher efficiency and even tastier products.

If you want to join one of these testing grounds, please contact Kris Van de Voorde , Innovation Program Manager Flanders.

Download the brochure (in Dutch)

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