OLEDs are ubiquitous in the technology of today and turning up still in an increasing number of applications in wearable displays, screens, and the even the automotive industry.

In collaboration with the Holst Centre, our team have made leaps and bounds in developing the next generation of OLED-based display technology. Using photolithography techniques they have developed and heavy investigation into organic light emitting materials and OLED structures, we have paved the way for both flat panel and flexible thin film displays with excellent optical performance and potential for scalability. 

Our focus is on pushing this technology towards higher resolution and applications such as augmented reality and even video holography.



Dr. Tung-Huei Ke

OLED Investigator

Tung-Huei comes with a strong academic background in OLED research that only gets stronger with his work in the Thin Film Displays group. With a history of high impact publication and invited conference talks and proceedings, Tung-Huei is working towards developing the next generation of high-resolution OLED-based displays. His particular expertise is in the investigation of the materials required to optimise device performance, and the techniques required to integrate them into circuitry for common use.

See Tung-Huei's Publications


Dr. Pawel Malinowski

Program Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the development of cutting edge photonics technologies, Pawel’s first area of interest is novel image sensor technologies. These technologies hold potential in applications that range from medical right through to security and defence. As the program manager of this research group he specialises in the development of integration schemes and the realisation of proof-of-concept devices.

See Pawel's Publications


Prof. Jan Genoe

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

Currently also a professor at KU Leuven, Jan is Chief Scientist of the LAE department and plays a critical role in this research group as well as the Epos Crystalli project. He brings to the table expertise in circuit design using organic and oxide materials and a broad theoretical knowledge of the physics behind the materials we use in this group. This expertise presents a strong contribution to the full journey of materials researched by this group. In addition to his involvement with Epos Crystalli, Jan will be commencing his own ERC project on video holography. Using cutting edge optoelectronics, this project will push dynamic display applications a dramatic step closer to reality.

See Jan's Publications


Dr. Soeren Steudel

Program Manager

Soeren has a long history as an engineer and a researcher, with an excellent record of publications that speak to that. Combining that with his excellent skills in business and management, he ensures the smooth running of the Thin-Film Displays group, working towards the improvement of technology and its deployment to the industry

See Soeren's Publications

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