The Energy Storage research group's innovations in materials and battery design are paving the way to solid state batteries. Our components hold notable advantages over the "wet" batteries in use today.

Their solid-state nature limits parasitic side reactions that plague conventional batteries, meaning they have the potential to last much longer.

Using solid state materials in these batteries also enables higher energy and power density, without the harmful and flammable liquids present in their counterparts.

The technology we are developing will be applicable to a vast array of needs and sizes required in both technology today and that still to come.

Imec’s innovative solid state battery technology



Assoc. Prof. Philippe Vereecken

Program Manager

Philippe is a principal member of technical staff at imec and a part-time associate professor at the University of Leuven. His main expertise lies in the combination of electrochemistry and nanomaterials and specifically in its use in semiconductors, energy conversion, electrochemical storage and nanomaterial synthesis. As the responsible for the Thin Film Energy Storage group, his current focus is on the development of novel solid-state nanocomposites and thin-film protective coatings for next generation Li-ion batteries.

See Philippe's Publications


Dr. Maarten Mees

Team Leader

Maarten is the other half of the team leadership in the Thin-Film Energy Storage group. Having also completed research and research education in physics relatively recently, he brings a fresh, relevant perspective to the group and the direction it goes in. Maarten is also focused on developing the next generation of solid state battery, with an interest in ALD technology and the development of novel nanomaterials for the cause.

See Maarten's Publications

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