We develop innovative thin-film flexible electronics, a new family of electronic devices primarily made of plastics.

Thin-film technology enables very small devices. Device dimensions of only a few micrometers in thickness mean technology that is flexible and transparent, ideal for ubiquitous electronic devices in every-day devices. Using novel materials and large-area manufacturing processes also allows for inexpensive manufacturing in large quantities.

With this research we are paving the way to a world of affordable electronics, seamlessly applied and attached to a variety of objects such as bottles, food, clothes and so much more.




Dr. Kris Myny

Principal Member of Technical Staff

Kris is a principal member of technical staff at imec and specializes in circuit design for flexible thin-film transistor circuits. He has been listed as one of Belgium’s top tech pioneers and has begun his own ERC project on Enabling Flexible Integrated Circuits and Systems (FLICs) with a focus on thin-film transistor circuits.


Dr. Sarah Schols

Research and Development Manager

As the Research and Development Manager, Sarah is responsible for the people, projects and management of the Thin Film Electronics group. This includes managing the range of projects and collaborations within the department as well as scouting new project opportunities and partners.


Dr. Alexander Mityashin

Program Manager

As the program manager, Alexander has incubated, built and deployed new technology programs, bringing many innovations to new customers. With his outstanding background in researching semiconductor technologies, he has worked with scientists and engineers alike to develop technology roadmaps and strategies. His apt business development and management skills have also allowed him to acquire funding with multi-year industrial commitments, bringing solutions and new technologies to companies and customers alike.

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