Organic polymer imagers can be used to coat randomly-shaped substrates and can be tuned for a huge range of wavelengths depending on the application.

The devices we work on in this group rely on cutting edge techniques and materials that are specifically made for us by our collaborators.

Using these and our expertise we are able to manufacture imagers and sensors on highly flexible substrates, further broadening their potential in a variety of applications.



Dr. David Cheyns

Principal Investigator

As the principal investigator on this team, David brings a long history of research expertise to the table, with a particularly active interest in sensors and actuators for large area electronics. His current major focus is engineering photodiodes using organi, perovskite or colloidal quantum dot materials, and the development of ultrasound transducers.

See David's Publications


Dr. Pawel Malinowski

Program Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the development of cutting edge photonics technologies, Pawel’s first area of interest is novel image sensor technologies. These technologies hold potential in applications that range from medical right through to security and defence. As the program manager of this research group he specialises in the development of integration schemes and the realisation of proof-of-concept devices.

See Pawel's Publications

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