Wireless power and communication for smart contact lens

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Design a wireless communication and power transfer circuit for a smart contact lens.

Healthcare monitoring is expanding into daily products. One such platform which has opened up the possibilities for advanced measurement as well as eye prosthetics is the contact lens. Miniature circuits and sensors can be embedded into flexible lenses providing information about the user’s health. However, powering such circuits for long times as well as providing a way to exchange data wirelessly is proving challenging. 

A smart contact lens contains a sealed circuit which requires a rechargeable battery to achieve daily operation while measuring biological parameters or providing eye prosthetics. The circuits inside will need to communicate to an external platform for data transfer or parameters exchange as well as provide a way of recharging the battery.  

The goal of this work is to design a wireless communication and power transfer circuit adhering to known (i.e. NFC) or proprietary standards, which can be used as part of a CMOS contact lens ASIC. The student will experience the full design process from ideal block modeling to transistor level design, layout, and post-layout verifications.  ​

Type of project: Internship

Duration: 9 months

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology, Master of Engineering Science

Required background: Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Bogdan Raducanu (Bogdan.Raducanu@imec.be)

Imec allowance will be provided

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