Electrochemically Assisted Self Assembly for low-k in BEOL alternative metals

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Exploring meso-porous silica through Electrochemically Assisted Self Assembly

​The upcoming generation technology nodes will pave the way for faster and more robust device performance to the expense of higher integration complexity. The shift from a design-technology co-optimization (DTCO) to a System-technology co-optimization sets an unprecedented challenge for material development and process innovation. Specifically, back-end-of-line (BEOL) scaling requires new material introduction and scaling boosters to overcome the complexity when targeting a metal pitch of 16 nm. The introduction of alternative metals and ultra-low-k dielectric filling (or air gaps) are the main points of interest when targeting semi-damascene integration. It is widely known that mesoporous silica can be grown using different techniques. The study proposed is to develop mesoporous silica on different conducting substrates (included as alternative metals such as Pt, Ru, Mo and Cr) and evaluate their growth and filling using high aspect ration metal lines. This growth is based on electrochemically assisted self-assembly of mesoporous silica. 

The internship will focus mainly on experimental work, to be carried out in IMEC's state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities and labs. The student will receive training on the required tools to perform his/her research and get hands on experience of various processing and characterization techniques such as FTIR spectroscopy, ellipsometry, electrical evaluation and will learn the process of electrochemically growing SiO2 thin films. The student should preferably have a background in physics, chemistry or material science.

Type of project: Internship, Thesis, Combination of internship and thesis

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology, Master of Science, Master of Engineering Science

Required background: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Alfonso Sepulveda Marquez (Alfonso.SepulvedaMarquez@imec.be)

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