IC Manufacturing

Access and technical support leading foundry’s regularly scheduled MPW runs.

IC Manufacturing

Foundry Support

  • Dedicated foundry help-desk access
  • Access to foundry design rules, spice parameters, design kits, standard cell libraries
  • Assistance to customers in the optimal technology choice (speed, power, leakage, area, etc.) for customer’s future products through our Technology Targeting Service
  • Additional value-added services with major partners: training workshops, IP access, design & tape-out reviews, early technology insight, library re-characterization, IO ESD


We work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), helping our customers make their ASICs production-ready. Customers can choose to have more control by utilizing our Easy-COT service or opt for the ASIC services team to provide Full Turn Key (FTK) management of your project. We also support our customers with our technology targeting service to guide you in selecting the right technology for your design.

In addition, we collect the designs of customers – universities or private companies – on a single mask set to have them manufactured on a small volume of wafers. These multi-project wafer (MPW) runs allow sharing the expensive mask costs. Typically, we handle around 550 designs per year for MPW runs through the ASIC services team.

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