Heterogeneuous integration and prototyping service

Imec offers a heterogeneous integration service.  These solutions profit from the expertise in many research areas available at imec, such as our outstanding reliability expertise. 


Imec's heterogeneous integration and prototyping services are implemented in its 200mm cleanroom with advanced packaging capabilities, such as 3D integration. And on demand, the service can even be migrated to imec’s 300mm fab.

A heterogeneous integration and prototyping project may include the following steps:

  • Concept design in 0.13µm CMOS
  • Process development, including packaging, testing, and reliability
  • Prototyping
  • Qualification
  • Low-volume manufacturing at imec
  • Transfer to a foundry partner for volume manufacturing


Possible applications:

  • Above-IC SiGe MEMS (e.g. micromirrors, CMUT, probe-based memory, pressure sensor)
  • Specialty imagers (e.g. EUV sensor, high-speed sensors, …)
  • Photonic ICs (e.g. biosensors, hybrid lasers, Ge detector)
  • Specialty components (e.g. neuroprobe, hyperspectral wedge, e-beam lenslet)

Why choose imec's service?

  • Customized platform in 200mm 0.13µm CMOS process
  • Versatile 0.13µm process platforms for MEMS, imager, and photonics fabrication
  • Multidisciplinary expertise
  • Outstanding reliability expertise
  • Advanced packaging capabilities

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