Complementing the general imec.istart program, imec.istart has partnered with several industry experts to offer special imec.istart tracks. These verticals are crucial for the startups to understand the specific barriers of a given market (i.e. go2market strategy, privacy, ethics & security, industry standard etc.) by having access to the best market-specific coaching and mentoring available by the partners. The goal of the partners and imec.istart is to speed up the imec.istart commercialization process and increase your chances for successful market entry and growth.

In return, the partners will have access to our imec.istart network and learn more about the new startups in their field. Next to the market-specific services, partners will be able to do an additional investment in the start-ups with equity shares in return.

If you’re interested as a corporate to join as a partner one of the verticals, please contact us at

Smart brokerage project

Imec.istart can operate as a smart broker that connects the requirements of large corporates with the innovation capacity of start-ups.

Smart brokers address the typical concerns that both parties have in such a relation:

  • Large corporates do not want to contaminate their IPR or disclose confidential data during their search for partners.
  • Large corporates typically do not have the time to scan the market continuously for relevant start-ups.
  • Start-ups are reluctant to share their ideas or work in progress with large corporates and typically have less experience in finding the right entry point with large corporates to start talking to them about relevant business opportunities.

If you’re interested as a corporate to request a smart brokerage project, please contact us at

Corporate innovation & incubation

Corporates often have internal innovative projects developing news products that are too high risk, are too far away from the core business, need a different approach than classical internal venturing or R&D and require more time from the team.

Our imec.istart coorporate incubation project treats these projects as a startup within the program where the team members are isolated from their current core activities following the standard acceleration program. Afterwards different end results could be possible for the company leading to internal commercialization, spin-out etc.

If you want to have more information about our corporate innovation & incubation traject, please contact us.

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