What’s in it for you?

Getting a tech start-up off the ground requires skills, resources and the right technology. Turning it into a success is quite a challenge! Imec.istart is the business accelerator program for technological startups in Belgium to support you.

imec.istart Program

The imec.istart program offers a combination of pre-seed funding (50k€), coaching & mentoring, workshops & guidance by domain experts, and other types of support (e.g. shared workspace, software deals, marketing & communications advice, access to investors, etc.). The coaching & mentoring aspect focuses on six main areas:
imec.istart - offering
Complementing the general imec.istart program, imec has partnered with several industry experts to offer six vertical imec.istart tracks on Logistics, Mobility & Smart Cities / eHealth / Media, Telecom & Entertainment / Space Technology / Fintech / Education & Learning – thus making sure entrepreneurs have access to the best coaching and mentoring they can get.

Download the complete imec.istart manual (including all details on the program and evaluation criteria)


Imec.istart welcomes technological business ideas, but also offers special tracks for projects in eHealth, Logistics & Mobility, Media, Telecom & Entertainment, Fintech & Cybersecurity and Space Technology . These verticals services focuses on tackling specific barriers of a given market (i.e. go2market strategy, privacy, ethics & security, industry standard etc.) by having access to the best market-specific coaching and mentoring available, which in turn should speed up your commercialization process and increase your chances for successful market entry and growth.

Next to the market-specific services, start-ups applying for a specific vertical will be able to receive an additional investment of 50,000 EUR by the vertical partner(s) with equity shares in return.

How can you join?

Imec.istart typically has three open calls throughout the year: January, May and September. After the call closes, a team of imec and industry professionals screens the submitted start-up proposals and selects those that will move on to the next stage. These teams will be invited to a pitching session to defend their plans. The jury will then decide which ones will be accepted in the program.

Please leave your emailadres if you want to be informed when the call is open and to answers your questions.

Is your startup a good fit?

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