Silicon photonics prototyping platform

Imec offers a platform with integrated silicon photonics (ISIPP25G) targeted at the telecom, datacom and medical diagnostics industries.


The platform enables to develop cost-effective silicon photonic ICs for:

  • High-performance optical transceivers (25Gb/s and beyond) for telecom and access networks
  • Optical sensing (gas, pressure, strain) and read-out ICs B
  • iomolecule detection, drug development, point-of-care diagnostics

ISIPP25G offers state-of-the-art performance, design flexibility and superior CD and thickness control. It is a fixed process technology (130nm) with a validated device library. The offered integrated components include low-loss waveguides, efficient grating couplers, high-speed silicon electro-optic modulators and high-speed germanium waveguide photo-detectors.

To lower the cost for access, MPW runs are available at fixed tape-in dates, allowing to share mask, process and engineering costs. iSiPP25G is an extension of the MPW service offered though ePIXfab.

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