IMO-IMOMEC, imec's associated lab at Hasselt University, has a leading analytical & electrical testing laboratory that possesses a wide variety of testing capabilities. Also fully equipped chemical laboratories are available for custom organic and polymer synthesis.

High quality material analysis & testing

The IMO-IMOMEC scientists are highly qualified industrial analysts, who focus on generating the appropriate data needed to solve the client's needs. We provide our clients with high-quality problem solving services by utilizing the skills of our physicists & chemists in conjunction with state of the art scientific equipment. Standard turnaround time is typically three business days and all reports generated can be emailed or faxed.
All data collected and test results generated are considered strictly confidential. Currently, there are around 70 techniques available at your disposal ranging from materials synthesis to electrical and physical/chemical characterization in these domains:

  • deposition and synthesis of materials
  • electrical characterisation and reliability
  • Physical and chemical analysis
  • Electro optical techniques
  • Custom organic and polymer synthesis  

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