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Every start-up company faces challenges along the path towards establishing a real business. That is why the imec.istart incubation program offers in-depth coaching, facilities and support for (future) entrepreneurs. Moreover, imec support doesn’t end once the incubation phase has been completed. As long-term partner, we keep supporting all the start-up companies in our portfolio.

This support, for example, relates to advice on (preparing) funding rounds, general support as board member, further advice on internationalisation or coaching on how to reinforce the technological basis of the venture. Imec remains a committed partner in helping entrepreneurs build a successful business while at the same time protecting its shareholder interests.

Have a look at our overview of start-up companies who benefited (and often still do) from our support over the years.

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Creative Therapy

Empowering therapists and patients to create evidence-based motivational rehabilitation.

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Planar Optics made simple!

Lees meer, the future of talent profiling

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Increase the quality of team-based judgements in education and beyond.

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Connecting the dots

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