Airobot develops intelligent safety components, specifically designed for drones.


Luc Jacobs

Innovation Manager

Airobot tackles the safety concerns associated with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by developing intelligent safety components, specifically designed for drones. With these products, industrial inspections can be executed in a safe, precise and efficient way.

Recent achievements

New partnership with HEIGHT TECH

Airobot partnered with leading drone manufacturer HEIGHT TECH to integrate Airobot's devices in HEIGHT TECH's platforms. 
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1 Jun 2016

Galileo Masters awards

Airobot was one of the winners of the Galileo Masters (Flanders Challenge) of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2015 
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29 Feb 2016

Partnerships with international resellers

Airobot has closed deals with Belgian, Dutch and German resellers to further distribute the Airobot Ranger. 
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23 Feb 2016

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