A civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city.


Elke Giets

Business Development Manager

CitizenLab facilitates a two-way communication between the city and its citizens. Citizens post ideas, discuss them with each other and upvote the best ones in a fun, easy and accessible way. At the same time, cities are able to consult their citizens via polling or to ask for their creative solutions to an existing problem. Our platform helps cities tap into the collective intelligence of citizens and become more responsive to their needs.

Recent Achievements

Student Startup of the Year

CitizenLab Small Teaser was named Student Startup of the Year at Tech Startup Day. 
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09 Mar 2017

EU funding

CitizenLab received €50.000 in funds from the EU programme Horizon 2020. 
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27 Feb 2017

New funding round

CitizenLab secured €500.000 in their first funding round, from the Flemish investment company PMV and individual entrepreneurs. 
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17 Nov 2016

Prize & New Partnership

CitizenLab won €2.000 at WijSteunenCreativiteit and secured a partnership with Mobile Vikings.

07 May 2016

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