LindaCare created a platform that offers a unified view on patients' implanted medical device messages.


Roger Lemmens

VP Incubation & Industry

LindaCare is a telemonitoring solution that facilitates high-quality and efficient healthcare.

Its platform pre-qualifies and consolidates remote monitoring information from different vendors (and from a variety of implanted devices) in order to provide an at-the-glance view of chronic heart failure patients' health history and alert levels.

Not only does this allow nurses to monitor, track and report all medical action in just one platform, it also allows them to prioritize urgent medical cases.

Recent Achievements

VentureClash 2016

LindaCare won 3rd place at VentureClash, receiving a $500.000 investment award Read more

21 Oct 2016


Launch of OnePulse

LindaCare successfully released and installed their new web-based software tele-monitoring platform - OnePulseTM v1.0- at UZ Leuven. Read more

1 Jun 2016


Partnership with UZ Leuven

LindaCare signed a collaboration agreement with the University Hospital of Leuven (UZ Leuven) to improve patient care within UZ Leuven, making it easier to remotely follow patients suffering from chronic heart failures who received an implant.

20 Jan 2016


Additional funding

LindaCare announced the closing of a € 1.5 million Series A financing round, led by Capricorn Venture Partners.

4 Dec 2015

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