Creating game-changing hydro technology to make electricity available to everyone.


Luc Jacobs

Innovation Manager

Turbulent developed a new kind of hydropower that has the ability to create decentralized energy for everyone. Its technology is capable of converting potential energy out of a water flow into electrical energy while only needing 0.6m of river fall.

It can easily be integrated in a smart grid using a vortex piloted by intelligent controlling and monitoring software.

Recent Achievements

WWL Orcelle Award

As winner of the WWL Orcelle Award 2016, Turbulent received $100.000. Read more

12 Nov 2016


MIT Innovators under 35

Co-founder Geert Slachmuylders was amongst the 2016 ‘Innovators under 35’, published by MIT Technology Review. Read more

25 May 2016


Trofeos a la Innovación de ENGIE Latinoamérica

Turbulent was one of the three companies to win "Trofeos a la Innovación de ENGIE Latinoamérica", having received $60.000. Read more

7 Jun 2016

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