Putting your media assets to work.


Elise Descamps

Business Development Manager

Zeticon's MediaHaven is a versatile cloud-based asset management platform that helps organizations professionally manage, distribute and archive their digital media content and optimize their workflows. MediaHaven Analytics also provides an advanced information retrieval solution for efficiently searching large volumes of unstructured data. By using Named Entity Recognition and an automated Categorization engine, it allows you to extract names, organizations, locations and topics out of unstructured textual data. This enables you to search and retrieve the content you want, when you need it in a matter of seconds.

Zeticon is one of the partners of the Metahaven project, together with Roularta Media Group and the University of Leuven. Their goal is to add enrichments/metadata to all media content published by Roularta, thus improving readers’ experience. Metahaven was one of the six Belgian projects selected to receive support from Google’s Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund, an incentive from the tech giant to support digital journalism initiatives in Europe.

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