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As a Biomedical Engineer at imec-NL you help athletes to achieve great results and you support patients in their rehabilitation process.


Biomedical Engineer

What you will do

As our new bright mind you will collect data from human motion during normal daily activities and sports activities. Based on physical modeling and collected data you develop algorithms to translate multiple physiological signs into health parameters. An important part of your job will be the validation of algorithms and systems in real-life or clinical studies.

  • You set up and perform data collection campaigns aimed at validating sensors and algorithms.
  • You create methods to evaluate and analyze the performance of sensors and algorithms; in particular for the analysis of human motion.
  • You develop and evaluate algorithms to estimate the physiological parameters in real-time, using signals from wearable sensors, like Accelero, Gyro, ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, PPG, GSR, and BioZ. The focus will be on inertial sensing.
  • You create biomedical models to relate sensor data to physiological parameters.

Who you are

  • You have a MSc degree with preferably 2+ years’ experience or BSc with 4+ years’ experience, in Biomedical Engineering or a similar field.
  • You have experience with data collection on human subjects (must).
  • Experience with Design of Experiments and the analysis of large data sets (must).
  • You do not only have theoretical knowledge of human physiology or behavioral science.
  • You also have applied in in the field.  
  • Solid knowledge of MATLAB (must), working knowledge of Python (plus).
  • Your communication skills in English (written and spoken) are excellent.
  • Colleagues have always enjoyed working with you for your flexibility and for offering your helping
  • Changes don't scare you, you see them as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • People describe you as a quick learner who is always interested in acquiring new skills and
  • You have a hands-on attitude and you like to take responsibility for the process from idea to final implementation.

What we do for you

By joining the Wearable Health Solutions team in Eindhoven, you will be part of a team of disruptive innovators and thinkers. Here, your ideas will have an impact on our society and our future lives. Together, with our Researchers and Engineers, you will work on wireless and wearable healthcare applications that empowers people to manage their own health. We invite you to be part of our ambitious team where your
ideas matter!


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