Hydrophilic UV curable resins for 3D printing

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Shape the future through 3D printing

Shape the future. During the last decades, 3D printing has experienced a tremendous growth and it is now considered as the future of manufacturing. Through this project, you will get the possibility to learn this technology and help to tailor it for passive microfluidics. Passive microfluidics are nowadays increasingly used in point-of-care diagnostics. Currently, machines already exist for 3D printing via stereolithography with precision close to 10 um. The key challenge is thus to tailor hydrophilic UV curable resins for passive microfluidics. Indeed, each machine has its own resin for printing and these resins are most often hydrophobic.

The student will need to find the different components of this resin and discover the appropriate compositions to get the required properties. He will also learn to use a 3D printer and to characterize the printed structures using microscopes. The student should be motivated to work in a lab environment and have a background in material science or chemistry. Lab work will be the major part of this project (80%) but literature research will also be present (20%).

Type of project: Combination of internship and thesis

Duration: 6-9 months 

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology; Master of Science

Required background: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

Supervising scientist: For further information or for application, please contact David Mikaelian (David.Mikaelian@imec.be).

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