PhD researcher on circuit design and evaluation of beyond-CMOS middle/back-end of line components for functional scaling

Leuven - PhD
Meer dan twee weken geleden

Given the constant need for improvement and optimization of ICs and the inevitable CMOS technology restrictions. Silicon industry and research has focused in finding solutions that would extend the current intense device and circuit scaling. Some of these solutions include novel materials, geometries, and devices. Functional scaling, in contrast to classical scaling, is the effort to find a technology solution that would scale the complete system or functionality, rather than scaling the unitary device (i.e. transistor).

Many new technology flavors and concepts are compatible with the middle and back-end of line stack and this PhD will investigate all the aspects of the enablement of electronic components on different levels of state-of-art technology stacks. This enablement may be used for several applications of circuit design. Examples of these technologies can be 2D materials used as switches for power-gating in the back-end of line, or novel materials used for integrated inductors. Purpose of this PhD is to research and evaluate the possible applications, the benefits on a circuit/system level, and possible technology implementations.

Required background: circuit design, EDA tooflows, basic knowledge of IC processing

Type of work: 25% literature, 55% circuit design and evaluation, 20% technology study

Supervisor: Rudy Lauwereins

Daily advisor: Odysseas Zografos

The reference code for this PhD position is STS1712-31. Mention this reference code on your application form.


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