PhD researcher on Display and user interface for next-generation augmented reality

Leuven - PhD
Meer dan twee weken geleden

One of the greatest challenges in the modern information society is management of digital content delivery. With the tremendous amount of data we consume every day, traditional technologies such as phone, television or written text do not follow the changing needs for flexible data access. To address this situation, new types of information platforms are emerging, bridging gaps between different content types and adjusting to our more dynamic lifestyle. The recent rise of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) confirms the direction of unifying all communication modes into one universal device.

In this PhD, we will research display components for modern AR devices. The main challenge that will be addressed is devising and demonstrating an ultra-high-resolution light-field 3D display which is also semi-transparent, to enable an augmented real-world environment. This will be obtained by research on active-matrix arrays of ultra-small pixelated OLEDs and on specific optics to enhance the display transparency and to deliver 3D images to the retina.  In the design, it is important to account for the fact that the display is also the platform for harboring other user interfaces, sensors and actuators.

To start, a conceptual study of an integrated AR device will be performed. The student will then simulate and design the light-emission and optical parts of displays, will be involved in fabrication and integration, and will perform optical characterization, in subsequent iterations. Integrated displays with the necessary optics will be realized in imec’s thin-film electronics laboratories and in imec’s cleanroom. As final demonstrator we target a wearable semi-transparent display delivering augmented-reality 3D video.

Required background: 

Physics, opto-electronic devices, optics, fabrication technology.

Type of work:

Design, fabrication and characterization of new concepts for augmented-reality displays.

Supervisor: Paul Heremans and Jan Genoe

Daily advisor: David Cheyns and Pawel Malinowski

When you apply for this PhD project, mention the following reference code in the imec application form: ref. SE 1704-18.