PhD researcher on from mmWave systems-on-chip to mmWave systems-in-package: combining the best of all worlds

Leuven - PhD
Meer dan twee weken geleden

In mobile computing, advanced packaging is a key enabler for cost-effective and high-performance products, as evidenced by the recent use of package-on-package technology for products such as Apple’s A10 processor with co-packaged memory-on-processor (using TSMC’s inFO technology). Also in recent years, digital CMOS technology has been shown to allow highly integrated radar sensing and communication systems at 60 GHz, 79 GHz, and even 140 GHz, combining analog front-ends, baseband processing and front-end digital signal processing on a single die. Also here, packaging these mmWave systems-on-chip in  a cost-effective and high-performance fashion will be a key enabling technology in the coming years. The ideal mmWave package should offer high-quality interconnect between the mmWave ports and on-board (e.g. automotive radar) or on-package (e.g. indoor sensing) antennas, offer the integration of high-quality off-chip passives, must have low thermal resistance to the environment, be reliable, and so on. In this PhD, you will be involved in all aspects of package development (electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical), which PERSYS-BE is developing together with a leading OSAT company and the 3D integration group at imec, you will interact closely with the IC design team to explore system-in-package approaches that would improve system performance beyond what is possible within the SoC paradigm.

Required background: electrical engineering

Type of work: 10% literature, 90% antenna/package design including measurements

Supervisor: Bart Nauwelaerts

Daily advisor: Ilja Ocket

The reference code for this PhD position is SE1712-35. Mention this reference code on your application form.


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