PhD researcher on On-chip photonic microscopy

Leuven - PhD
Meer dan twee weken geleden

Within imec’s image sensors and imaging department, our group’s research activities focus on the development of novel imaging systems, built on top of imec technology differentiators. Current projects vary from integrated spectral filters that are tuned to specific customer requirements, to full hyperspectral camera systems and extremely compact lens-free microscopes. Such technologies require a multidisciplinary approach within a team that has expertise in electronics, material sciences, optics, software and a drive to get things done.

The main goal of this PhD research is to develop novel concepts for microscopic imaging applications by exploring how to replace traditional free-space optics with integrated photonics technology. On-chip generation, manipulation and detection of photons enable development of miniaturized systems that can revolutionize imaging in diverse application domains including industrial inspection, environmental sensing, biomedical analysis, national security etc. The research will focus on developing on-chip photonic architectures, systems and components for advanced multimodal microscopic imaging e.g. holography, super-resolution, subsurface, polarimetry etc. The PhD candidate will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers allowing her/him to gain deep knowledge and hands-on experience in a variety of topics, including optical modeling, measurement and image processing. Candidates interested in applying for this PhD topic should have strong interest in optics, photonics, microscopy and advanced image processing techniques.

Required background: 

Physicist, electrical or computer science engineer or related with strong affinity to optics, software and imaging applications.

Type of work:

25% literature study, 25% technology study, 25% hands-on experiments, 25% hardware / software development.

Supervisor: Chris Vanhoof

Daily advisor: Abdulkadir Yurt

When you apply for this PhD project, mention the following reference code in the imec application form: ref. SE 1704-13.