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Become a forward thinker and join our DNA Inspired Memory Program at imec


Process Integration Engineer


Humanity will generate in 2020 more than 50 zettabytes of data, or 50 billions of terabytes. None of existing technology roadmaps will enable the storage of such an amount of data. A solution to this challenge may be found not in magnetic or optical but the molecular field. DNA could store the entire data of humanity in the trunk of your car.
Multiple universities and companies are looking into this amazing potential and try to tackle the main challenge to use DNA as storage medium: the prohibitive cost of read (sequencing) and write (synthesis).

At imec, we are developing a program to demonstrate high-speed and high-parallel read and write of DNA-inspired memory. We believe the solution will come through the combination of innovations in multiple domains: biochemistry and microfluidics to accelerate reaction kinetics, nano-scale fabrication, electrochemistry and electrical engineering to increase density. The unique imec ecosystem, mixing 300mm state-of-the-art semiconductor fab, life-science lab, breakthrough IP and connections to all major players throughout the world, make it the best place to demonstrate feasibility. We want to take advantage of both CMOS scaling and the recent boost in next-generation sequencing technologies to enable truly innovative, high-end biological applications.

We are completing a cross-disciplinary team to deliver these breakthroughs, and if you are motivated, hands-on, with good communication and team-player skills, you should definitely apply. Given the international character of imec, excellent knowledge of English is a must.

The job

In this position you will:

  • Discuss and propose process experiments, implement them into process flows and summarize results.
  • Follow-up the processing of memory lots in the imec pilot line, trouble-shoot processing issues through in-line metrology data evaluation.
  • Understand electrical data, to find correlation with in-line processes improving electrical readability.
  • Define in-depth physical analysis steps (TEM, AFM, XRD, SIMS, etc.)  to ensure proper characterization of materials and processes.
  • Prepare and follow-up on project plans, communicating progress on a regular basis.


We are looking for a process integration engineer, responsible for development of DNA-inspired memory as well as other memory technologies at imec. You have obtained a master or PhD degree in chemistry, applied sciences or engineering. You have more than 2 years working experience in process integration in a semiconductor environment. You like taking initiative, keeping a constructive attitude and you are committed to achieve results fast but in a reliable way. You have strong organizational skills, you want to drive the process development and you are flexible in changing priorities. 


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